«TKP- Soft» Ltd. offers a full range of services to create custom software . We are engaged in the development of complex computer programs since 2004 . Over the years, our team has grown and gained valuable experience in the development of complex software systems «from scratch» .

Work principles

We analyze the current status of the product


Identify potential weaknesses


Translate product on modern technology


Translate product on modern technology


Plan implementation and migration

The base of the company , the formation of a new team and search for the best employees .
The further development of the business carried out by expanding the geographical presence of STADA products , mainly for the   through the acquisition of pharmaceutical companies and   the opening of offices in & nbsp; the different countries of Europe and the & nbsp; Asia.
The   is & nbsp; same year started the project «STADA Diagnostik», aimed at   individualization ongoing medical therapy .
The company is developing a variety of new products that will be relevant in the   future . In other words , STADA consolidates all the best for the health of patients .
The consistent policy of mergers and   acquisitions resulted in   the fact that the   2006   g . the company's sales for the first time exceeded $ 1   billion euros . The   future STADA continued to increase its global presence , bringing their products to   new markets. The   2011   g . the company started cooperation with   to develop biosimilars .
The   2015   g . STADA company founded «STADA Vita GmbH», which specializes in the   branded preventive health products.

The Board of Directors annually consists of leading experts in the field of management , finance and technology to the construction market and is intended to identify key vectors of development of the company for the long term